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Kevin Kusumanegara

I learned a lot into the world of sushi and Japanese cooking and culture during the classes. Would definitely recommend this course for aspiring professionals. For people with full schedules, I would recommend setting time aside for the course to dedicate to it since it’s very intensive. Thank you for the wonderful instruction! Thank you to my classmates too!

Taejoon Lee

Experience at SCI was mind-blowing. It taught me many ways and skills to improve myself for the future and overall the school has guided me to the right passage.

Theodore Lee

Excellent class learning from a sushi master. I have learned so much and sushi is not so easy, but sensei helps you make it more achievable and gives you the tools to succeed.

Michael Frey

Thank you sensei for sharing your deep knowledge of sushi, and the cuisine and regions of Japan.

Altanbat Gantulga

I met a lot of good people. I am going to miss everyone. I really enjoyed sushi bar which I generally had a good time here. Andy sensei taught me a lot, thank you! I will keep learning about sushi, and I might come back to take nigiri and ramen class. Overall, great experience. My favorite lesson was the first week because I met everyone and learned most importantly behind the Japanese food culture. Again, thank you very much Sushi Chef Institution.

Shizuko Morishita

I am so glad that I took this course. The volume of cooking techniques that you get to learn in this course is so much as a student, you need to really keep up and try to absorb as much as possible. On top of all your learnings, I was able to make friends and fellow chefs whom I can contact and communicate in the future. I enjoyed the course very much,  Thank You, Andy Sensei!

Mario Vollera

Two months of full impression in Japanese cuisine and culture, not only sushi but all fundamental foods, teas, rice preparation, and so on. This course is “the base” for 360 degrees of understanding successfully and being safe.  Favorite lessons: All the cutting, filleting different type of fishes. Benefits for me: Be able to become a chef to recognize the quality and managing to choose fishes.

Matthew Kim

Sensei Andy,     You are a great teacher! Your knowledge for Japanese cuisines and history are incomparable! You taught us the 80% and snuck in some of your 20% secrets. My favorite lesson was when you explained Japanese culture with the suimono, the way you tied the cilantro together with the shrimp. Another lesson you taught us why we used 5 colors (red, black, white, green, and yellow).
Why we used white soy and certain products. Everything has meaning.    I will benefit the class by creating healthy dishes for my family, friends, and customers by incorporating the 3s’ seasonal, simple, and sublime.  Arigato-gazamasu Sensei.

Luan Cao Nick

Thank you for the great experience and skills that I will keep and use for the rest of my life. Met some very cool people that will be friends for a long time. Hope to keep in contact with the school for future projects.

Bryan Mock

Had a great experience with the group for Pro II. The training is much more advanced than Pro I and the pace much faster. It made the course challenging yet very rewarding.

Sonia Talavera

I’m blessed that I came to Sushi Chef Institute, it exceeded my expectations, I thought I was going to learn about sushi only, but I learned about Japanese food, and its culture, seafood, and sushi and its varieties, like rolls Gunkan and nigiri. I would invite anyone who wants to learn how to make sushi, this is the best school and the best sushi Chef Andy Matsuda.

Jed Gallimore

Until I walked into the SCI building, I was not sure about changing my career. Thanks to Sensei Andy Matsuda and the friendly staff, I felt I made the best decision in my life. The class isn’t only about Japanese cooking. We learned about Japanese history, the principles, and the art. Overall, it was truly an amazing experience. The staff cared about how the students were doing. I am currently working at Sushi Hana in San Diego, and I wanted to thank the SCI team for making this happen!

Frank Lee

Cutting fish and Nigiri was helpful. My favorite lesson is learning to make Nigiri and the drills to test our skills in making Shari and to have the proper balance between Neta and Shari. Without the hands-on help provided through the course, Nigiri making wouldn’t have improved so easily. 

Nattapat Watanakij

I have many favorite moments here, but what I like the most is the interaction and teamwork with every classmate in daily basis. 8 weeks went by fast. Thank you!

Abel Casilang

From the food and training to the people I was able to work aside, I loved it! The moment I set foot in the building, my life had already changed for the better. Sensei Andy and his associates are extremely helpful and are now new friends to me. Everyday was a great time in and out of class. I will treasure the memories I made with everyone for the rest of my life. Huge thanks to the Sushi Chef Institute team!

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