1 Month Internship Training

The opportunity for qualified students and graduates

  • 4 weeks Japanese restaurant experience
  • Learn and experience Japanese culture
  • Learn Japanese seasonal fish and vegetable
  • Learn traditional kaiseki and other popular food


  • Completion of Sushi Chef Institute Professional Course.

  • More than 2 years of sushi business experience.

Internship – additional information

  • What: 1 month internship to Japan.

  • Where: Matsuya Restaurant in Hyogo, Japan.

  • When: Scheduled upon your request.

  • How: After you have completed Professional 1 and 2, you are eligible to apply for internship.


  • Working 6 days a week at a fast paced, traditional Japanese restaurant.
  • Internship fee covers housing and meal expenses, excluding airfare.
  • You must purchase travelers medical insurance as well.


Hello My name is Dario, I’m from Italy.

Last year I completed professional 1 and professional 2 courses at SCI, and after graduates I went back to Italy and started to work in my brother’s restaurant “Kingyo” in Milan…after 12 month in Milan, Sensei Andy gave me the opportunity to go in Japan (hyogo) for 4 weeks in his family restaurant “Masunomi Matsuya” and here i had the honor to met Yukihiro San.

The work in traditional Japanese kitchen it’s very hard, every day filleting fresh fish and packing around 100 bento for delivery from 8 Am to 9Pm,it was terrible for me, but very good for my skills…”Hard Work Alway pay off”.

I’m really satisfied first went at SCI where my first master “Andy” taught me all basic fundamental in Japanese cuisine and then went to Japan to practice what I learn at SCI with my second master “Yukihiro San”.

The road is still long, I have to work hard every day and doing always my best. So for everyone want become sushi chef follow your dream even the road is not easy.

Chef – Dario Le

In 2010 after graduate at culinary school, in Brazil I felt that was necessary to have much more knowledge and skill, therefore I decided to take a sushi class. In that time, I chose the Sushi Chef Institute to take Sushi Chef Pro 1 and 2 and after that, I noted a big improvement in knowledge and skill giving me confidence to keep my project to open, my own restaurant in Maringa, Brazil.

My Project took 3 years from idea until open a new restaurant, it took long time, but now after more than 2 years working at my restaurant, I realized that was a right time, to go to Japan to study the Japanese gastronomy, much more deeply. Once again, I contacted sensei Andy and decided to attend the internship at sensei brother’s restaurant, Mr. Yukihiro Matsuda, in Nishiwaki, Japan.

Thanks to Mr. Yukihiro and his team, that helped me to I reach my goals that was: learn new skills, taste new flavors, to see and taste different kinds of fish and sea food, taste and learn new ingredients and see Japanese equipment.

I had an opportunity to see, learn and taste different dishes that I’ve never tasted and then see differences between a Japanese dish prepared using Japanese ingredients and local taste comparing to Japanese dish prepared in Brazil. I could improve my cut and cleaning fish’s skill and frying and cooking skills either.

Everything that I’ve learned during this 3 weeks, was possible because of immersion in a Japanese restaurant, that gave me an opportunity to get much more knowledge and skills to keep improving my job, as a chef, in my restaurant. I was a really great experience for me! Thank you sensei, for this opportunity!

Chef – Marcos Nakano

Course Fee

Internship in JAPAN


Internship fee covers housing and meal expenses, excluding airfare.

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