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Chef Andy Matsuda

Chef Andy Matsuda was born near Kobe, Japan in 1956. When he was 9 years old, the family started a small Japanese restaurant, where he learned the joy of cooking. After graduating from high school, he began to work as an apprentice at ‘Genpachi’, one of the most famous restaurant in Osaka, for 5 years. He also became a member of Sushi Chef Organization called ‘Yosei-kai’. At the age of 23, he returned to his hometown to help expand the family business. Once that was completed, at the age of 25, his new challenge in life was to move to Los Angeles, California.

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Chef Andy

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Ever since this class started in June, my goal was to finish and complete the class with no absences, and I did it! I started with zero cooking skills, and I became more than I expected. One of my favorite lessons was cutting fish. I have seen many times, Sensei’s demos, but I always end up with mistakes. I’m still far from ok, but it was a very valuable lesson. Also, I really enjoyed catering services. It was areal action and showed me what people do when catering events. As, I said I am still way far from ok based on Sensei’s standards. What I learned here is all I have right now, but I believe this knowledge will work for all restaurant jobs. So, as Andy sensei always says, “Practice and take a life” This is my golden word during class. Also, many thanks to Saburo sensei, Shinichi san and Amie. Without the above people my days supposed to be dark. Many thanks and regards.

Takeshi Yao Torrance, CA

First, I had no experience in sushi ever. I developed new skills and knowledge at the Sushi Chef Institute about how to use knives and sharpen them, how to cut, peel, make small dishes, sushi rolls, nigiri, and how to decorate. Every week we had skill tests as well.

Surachet Yong Boontha Los Angeles, CA