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Jose Ivan Rodriguez Leyva

(Graduation Date: Mar. 1st, 2024)

Thank you, sensei Andy, I know I’m not the best one but one day, I will be the best in Mexico. Hope you get better soon, so we can plan many things. I’ll be praying for you.

Galina Arzumanova

(Graduation Date: Mar. 1st, 2024)

My experience at SCI was amazing, I was very impressed with Andy sensei and Joe sensei’s knowledge about Food science and technology. They made class/demo so interesting, they were able to answer all the questions meticulously in detail.

Alexander Jugan

(Graduation Date: Mar. 1st, 2024)

The Pro course at SCI covers everything from the basics of Japanese cuisine to complex Sushi Rolls. I’ve also acquired an appreciation for types of food and Sushi. I would have never tried before.

I learned so much at SCI. The experience has given me confidence to work in a pro sushi kitchen. SCI has changed my life.

Shyanne Flores

(Graduation Date: Dec. 22th, 2023)

The most valuable sushi skill I developed was learning how to Neta cut. My most improved skill was knife skills. I’m still not at the level I want to be, but I’ve gotten better at the basics.

My most enjoyable lesson was mochi day because it was a surprise 🙂 The end less amount of possibilities excites me the most as far as sushi/Japanese Cuisine. I’d like my family & friends to know that there’s SO much history behind Japanese Cuisine. (I’d also recommend a class to family/friends.)  I want to make salmon skin hand rolls at home. (Any hand roll actually).

My taste in sushi has broadened through this course by simply knowing more of the ingredients.

Sitting down and having lunch together was my favorite 🙂


Thank you SCI for pouring abundantly info me. I’ve learned so much and I’m very happy to have attended. Thank you to the staff for all the help. Thank you Joe for your endless patience & for reminding us (“as long as you were better than yesterday”)

Lastly, the biggest thank you to sensei Andy! Your dedication, knowledge & skills inspire me. You helped me improve as a chef & I look forward to representing SCI in the future. I’ll be sure to visit soon 🙂



Phuc Nguyen(Phillip)

(Graduation Date: Dec. 22th, 2023)

I was learn a lot of new things I have never done before. The knowledge is very important. The skill I developed is cutting the fish and making rolls. I most enjoy the lesson and the Japanese cuisine that I love is the culture.
I would like to share this course for everybody the one who loves Sushi.
I will make more nigiri and cut fish at home.

Anh Vu

 (Graduation Date: Jul. 28th, 2023)

I came extra from Germany to attend this Sushi Professional Course.
There are so many things, what I learn in the only 2 months, so it’s difficult to describe.
Every of my expectations was exceeded.
But the most value was to how cut the fish or sharpening the knife technique.
It’s unbelievable what a knowledge sensei Andy Matsuda has show to us, you can never learn it in another places.
Not only Sushi you learn in this short time because it’s not only Sushi, then Sushi is more than only sushi. So you can lot of Japanese cuisines.
Every questions you can ask especially for new jobs or to open a Restaurant.
So I try to take some caterings and workshops in these times to see how Sensai works and enjoy the short, hard but beautiful time.
Now I will add this Knowledge in my Restaurant, to keep my Restaurant on a new Level.
Never I learn so much knowledge in 8 weeks! Thank you for the time.

Ever Goya

(Graduation Date: Jul. 28th, 2023)
Los Angeles, CA
Chef Andy and SCI have been instrumental in starting my career as a sushi chef. With out any pervious culinary experience, I took the Pro 1 & 2 course. During this time, Chef Andy taught me the essential skills of sushi, including nigiri, knife sharpening, cutting fish, making rolls, and sushi rice. This hands-on course was extremely helpful in widening my knowledge of not only sushi, but Japanese cuisine and cooking techniques in general. The lessons and experiences in the kitchen with other chefs are a priceless opportunity for anyone interested. I would recommend this course to anyone who enjoys Japanese food and sushi, regardless of skill level or previous cooking experience.

John Nguyen

(Graduation Date: Oct. 13th, 2023)
In October 2023, I completed the Sushi Chef Professional I and II classes at the Sushi Chef Institute. I gained so much from this extraordinary experience; I feel compelled to let others know about this school and about the talents and commitment of Sensei Andy Matsuda.

Sensei Matsuda is an extraordinary instructor and a master Japanese chef. Every single day that I was at school, I grew as a chef, because of him. How I wish I could shadow him for years! He infused all our lessons with the cultural significance and history of sushi. Each day, he demonstrated new skills with depth and clarity, teaching us the fundamentals of Japanese cuisine, as well as refined and advanced techniques. Due to Matsuda’s emphasis on continually practicing the basics (e.g., keeping the knife sharp, tenets of plating, and gently guiding the knife to glide through the fish,) what we learned at the Institute will allow every one of us to continue to develop and improve our abilities long after we have graduated from the program.

The Sushi Chef Institute is an environment where creativity is encouraged, balancing Japanese tradition with innovation. Students were emboldened to push the boundaries of their culinary imaginations. Students crafted sushi with both precision and personal flair, often incorporating flavors from their own ethnic and geographic backgrounds.

Master Chef Andy Matsuda profoundly inspired me to create not only sublime flavors in my cooking, but also to ensure that all my dishes are delightful to look at. He opened my eyes to the importance of proper plating. I now understand how to apply the principles of symmetry, imaginary lines, spacing, and most crucially balance to achieve beauty in the presentation of my cooking.

Sensei Matsuda is invested in his students’ success. Beyond the classroom and beyond the duration of the course, he offers support and guidance. He actively assists in finding jobs and career development opportunities for those who wish to pursue a culinary path.

As important as the techniques and skills we acquired, were the relationships we developed and were taught how to develop while at the Institute. To be a successful sushi chef, we learned how vital it is to build relationships – relationships with other chefs, instructors, fishers, restaurant owners, product distributors, suppliers, and fish mongers.

Without reservation, I most highly recommend this program to aspiring sushi chefs. My life has been deeply enriched by my experiences and by the connections I have made here.

Edward Kim

(Graduation Date: Oct. 13th, 2023)
This program has been a life changing experience for me. Being able to cut whole fish and make nigiri was a dream come true. In two months, I learned a lot about sushi and Japanese cuisine. Watching sensei doing a demonstration was a delight. My favorite was cutting whole fish.
You really can become a sushi chef in two months. I just wish I would’ve taken this class sooner.

Kevin Cao

Everything that I had experienced and learned far surpassed my expectations just in 2 months program and under the guidance of SCI developed my skill as a sushi chef.
Sensei Andy Matsuda is very passionate about teaching us and has the high expectations for all of us. I was able to learn many great skills and gain so much inspiration from sensei Andy that I will carry with me for the rest of my life., and I will produce the best dishes as proof to our sensei that his effort is not wasted, you will never know what you are capable of until you try.
I wish you all the best!

Janessa Wong

Words cannot explain how much I recommend this course to someone who wants to learn about sushi. Even with prior professional training, I learned many skills that will benefit my professional career no matter what cuisine I choose. Sensei has such a vast knowledge of Japanese cuisine and techniques, that he can pretty much any question you’ll have. I really enjoyed the diverse seafood we learned and that we got to drill skills continuously. Despite learning an extensive range of things, it is great to have the opportunity to practice the same skills to build muscle memory. This course has impacted my culinary path and has sparked further interest in focusing on Japanese cuisine. I look forward to coming back to further my training with Sensei.

Fei Chen

Cutting Fish and Usuttsukuri is Most Valuable to me. Basically, all skills sensei has taught us are very valuable!
Every day in class you learn something new! It feels Great & Very Enjoyable. I am Definitely sharing with My Family and friends and my Co-workers My Experiences at Sushi Chef Institute- Because I’ve Learned so much from this experience, All of this will help me with my work and Improve my Product Knowledge With That I am Very Lucky Enough that I own a Japanese Restaurant, I am Definitely implementing The New Recipes and skills Into MY On Menu- I Know with those new Acquired Knowledge My dreams will come true. Chef Andy (Sensei) Professional Teaching is Highly Recommended.

Dang Xiong

The skill That I found most valuable is How to cut Fish. That is something I Truly Found Knowledgeable, I had a lot of fun learning from Sensei, It was great!
I want to say from everything I learned from sensei, Hand Rolls Were Probably My favorite. Most Definitely, my sushi Taste Buds have changed. I will take what I learned and pursue a job with it.

Vincent Lee

Best place to learn making sushi!! I graduated the school last week and I am looking for a job now with chef Andy’s help. Chef Andy has a broad network that he has built for a long time. He can find you a better place to work. The pro course 1 & 2 cover all of the basics, kaiseki, fish prep, nigiri, sashimi, how to sharpen knife and even desserts, almost all Japanese cuisine. The level of course is easy to follow for people with no cooking experience like me if you are passionate. If you have a cooking experience, you will get much more. Don’t be shy. Ask them. All the staff and chef Andy are super kind and friendly, and ready to answer all of the questions you have. My classmates came from all over the world. We had all different nationalities, backgrounds and personalities. But one thing in common, all of them were so friendly. I’ve got a great memory along with knowledge and skills. It has been 5 days since graduation. I miss them all already. Although spending 8 weeks of my life there didn’t made me a master chef, I’m packed with enough knowledge and skills to start a new journey.

Borna Penic

I came all the way from Croatia (Europe) to attend Professional Sushi Chef course for 2 months. I am lover of sushi and this was the best decision I ever made in my culinary profession. Sushi is only small part of Japanese cuisine and the knowledge I gained is much more than just making sushi rolls and nigiri. Sensei Andy Matsuda was willing to share everything he knows with me, so no questions remained unanswered. That knowledge is something that will set me apart from others and help me in future to be the best possible Sushi Chef I can be. Now, I have to work hard, learn and stay humble to make my Sensei proud of me one day. I sincerely recommend this course to anyone who wants to have a good base in any kitchen because you will learn fundamentals on how to behave in the kitchen. In addition, you will learn more about Japanese cuisine than you can imagine and that is what will set you apart in your future career as a chef.

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