Private Lesson

Brush up your skills and expand your knowledge

Customized Curriculum

Private classes can be scheduled upon your request. You could learn what you would like to do, not only sushi but also Japanese cooking, for example, Tempura, Sukiyaki and more. Please let us know what kinds of sushi and Japanese cooking you are interested in when you set up your lesson. We can customize your curriculum accordingly.

Who needs this class?

Students and working sushi chefs, with a specific or new need for advanced training, who want to develop their skills with a private lessons and a one on one setting.

For those who already have other culinary style experiences as a chef, you may want to learn about sushi skills privately.


Private lessons are very useful for anyone who owns a restaurant business, who wants to add a sushi bar or sushi menu, or who wants an education in basic sushi and prep works.


  • One-on-one Instruction
  • Focused, customized curriculum

Samples of class

  • Concentrated professional sushi skill
  • Concentrated professional sashimi skill
  • Concentrated professional fish preparation
  • Vegetable carving class
  • Teppan-yaki class
  • Vegetarian dish class
  • New menu creation class
  • New sauce creation class
  • And more
  • We would like to know…
  • Your goals of the lesson
  • Your interests
  • What you would like to add or take out about the subjects on the sample curriculum
  • When you are able to schedule

How to apply ?

When you have a plan to take the Private Lesson, please contact us.

Chef Andy will adjust your curriculum to meet your requests.