We will support everyone who currently has a restaurant, concerns about opening a new restaurant,
or who wants to take over an existing restaurant. We will help you have a successful restaurant and
give you effective support to manage your business by using our “worldwide SCI network”.

Opening New Restaurant

An experienced director will guide you step by step and explain in clear and simple ways.

Here is an example of our consultation.

Step 1: How to get started?

The design and concept match with the location is one of the most important category.
This is a key point in the success of your restaurant.

Step 2: What is required for opening a new restaurant?

You need to understand the regulations and rules.
Food Safety Management is one of the certificates & licenses to protect your restaurant.

Step 3: What else can you expect before opening?

You need effective promotions to attract new customers.
Chef & Employee training is needed before grand opening.

Current Restaurant Owners

New Sushi Bar Concept

If you do not have a sushi bar yet, we are able to help you setup a sushi bar in your restaurant.
We are also able to help with new design, renewal and reform your restaurant’s concept.

Menu Upgrade

Unique menu and new ideas will attract customers.
It is important to have unique ideas, because a lot of restaurants have similar menus.

Staff Training & Education

More knowledge, better techniques and faster skills will improve the quality of food, turn table faster, minimize food cost, maximize profit.
Knowing how to setup a proper traditional Japanese table will impress your customers, especially people knowledgeble about Japanese cuisine.

Effective Advertizement & Promotion
Saving on Food Cost

We can connect you with suppliers to purchase better products at lower price. How to check inventory and keep food cost low.

Sushi Chef Agent Service

Do you need a sushi chef for your restaurant?

Regardless if it is an exclusive sushi chef, assistant sushi chef, or sushi helper,
we have a big database and the largest network in the US to find and match chefs to your restaurant.

We also service restaurants out of the US.

New concept of Japanese restaurant classes are available

Ramen shop or Izakaya restaurant ( Sake Sommelier class )