Are you looking for a good Sushi School?

Would you like to receive the highest quality of sushi making education? Would you like to be a master in Japanese cooking? We are sure to meet your expectations. Sushi Chef Institute is a Sushi School for anyone who wants to learn Sushi making and traditional Japanese cooking.

The instructor, Chef Andy Matsuda, was the first person authorized to serve as a sushi instructor in California’s Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education Institution. He has been publicized in People Magazine, New York Food Magazine, and US newspapers and appeared on local Fox 11 TV. In addition to teaching students at SCI, he has taught instructors at Le Cordon Bleu (French culinary school). Chef Andy Matsuda was also chosen as one of the “100 Japanese world respected people” in the Newsweek Japanese Edition Pop Up (Issue Oct. 17, 07).

On June 6th 2008, SCI became the only sushi school in the U.S. to offer I-20 (for M VISA) to international students. We will support your dream and hope to see you soon in our class at SCI.


  • Japanese instructor with over 30 years of experience.
  • Small class size for undivided attention to each student.
  • Expert skills in a 2-month concentrated curriculum.
  • Complete details of Sushi skills and Japanese cooking techniques.
  • How to prepare over 30 kinds of fish and shell fish.
  • Instruction on food calculations, regulations and opening a restaurant.
  • Hands-on instruction in a professional kitchen.
  • Field trips to fish market and food company.


  • Participate in many exciting events and catering services.
  • Support in finding a job, many graduate are find jobs.
  • Internship to Japan for qualified graduates.


  • I-20 (for M VISA) to international students.
  • Consulting for all aspects of restaurant business.
  • Sales of DVDs and textbooks produced by Sushi Chef Institute.
  • SCI private label Japanese knives from Osaka, Japan.
  • Japanese cooking utensils.
  • Opportunities to sample new products from food manufacturers.
  • Information for accommodations in Los Angeles.

Global Aquaculture Alliance Strategic Partnership

SCI has a strategic partnership with the Global Aquaculture Alliance to promote responsible aquaculture practices through education and demonstration.

For over 20 years the GAA has demonstrated their commitment to feeding the World through responsible and sustainable aquaculture. They do this by providing resources to individuals and businesses worldwide who are associated with aquaculture and seafood.

They improve production practices with countries, communities, and companies, as well as online learning and groundbreaking journalism that boasts active readership on every country of the World.