Voice of Students

I took this class because I want to open a restaurant in the future. I will remember everything from this class, but I feel the most valuable lesson was how to prepare fish. I’m excited about the healthy aspects of sushi as well. My knife skills have improved and I’m excited to roll sushi for my friends and family. Learning about the art of sushi has helped me learn the real value of food. Sensei Andy is the best! Thank you so much for teaching me a lot about a sushi and Japanese food. I feel very lucky to have spent 2 months at your school!

- Christina Zheng, Switzerland – Pro 2 Course –

My favorite lessons that I enjoyed the most were sushi roll making and nigiri. These are what we do on a daily basis. I started with no kitchen experience, but in 2 months I learned a lot about Japanese cuisine and Japanese terminology. This class has helped build my confidence in myself and my skills. Thank you Andy sensei.

- Johnny Ng, Alhambra, CA – Pro 2 Course –

I had no experience working in a restaurant prior to my arrival at the Sushi Chef Institute. The prospect of learning a new trade is both exciting and terrifying for this self-confessed- “kitchen illiterate”. But thanks to Sensei Andy and the staff at the Sushi Chef Institute, I now have the knowledge and more importantly, the confidence to help me succeed as a sushi chef in this new and exciting career.

- Ben Hong, LasVegas, NV – Pro 2 Course –

For me, this was a life changing experience! One of the best things I’ve ever done! I should have done this 10 years ago! For example, talking to sensei-we talked about how I was stuck working at a bar, unhappy, with no skills and a blank future. But now, my future is bright. I have many different directions I can go now. The sky is the limit is how I see things now. I am going to miss everything and everybody. I’m especially, going to miss lunch lol! Thank you Amie for making me comfortable enough to come. I wanted to come a long time ago, but I was scared. I’m glad I came when I did! It was the exact right time for me. Thank you so much SCI.

- Greg Heggland, Hilo, HI – Pro 2 Course –

This has been one of the best learning experiences I have ever had in my life. Learning of fundamentals and basic Japanese cooking gave knowledge about how the food can be an art. It is a good skill to have. My favorite lesson has been working together and its importance. My benefits from this class are: being able to make healthy foods to consume and serve, and increasing my income.

- Sulbahri Panai Houston, TX

I had no cooking experience before taking this course. I had no idea about sushi, and I met Chef Andy and my life has changed. This school is definitely the best place to learn and sushi, and also about Japanese culture. Thanks to Chef Andy and thanks to Amie. This was a great time and great experience. I am glad to be a part of the SCI family. I will miss everyone.

- Kutay Ozgenc Chesterfield, VA

I enjoyed a lot of the class. My favorite lesson would probably be cutting whole fish, because although it is difficult, when you do it clean and correct it feels very satisfying. I hope to take my new knowledge and continue to grow as a chef and person.

- Samuel Huang, New York, NY

I have truly enjoyed the entire course as equal. I came to SCI with no knowledge of Japanese cuisine, how to prepare sushi, rice, cutting sushi grade fish, and the Japanese flavors and traditions. In 2 months I have learned so much!! I can understand fish more and their different cuts, and what they are used for . My favorite lesson has been cutting and filleting fish. I will use everything I have learned and combine it with my Spanish fundamentals and foundations to create a Japanese/Spanish fusion.

- Ruth Schreber Sanchez Yorba Linda, CA

I learned a lot in the course. I knew the basics, but not all of the details I learned here. It was a unique experience to learn, practice and participate in different events (i.e. demos, catering). Now I have another view of the Japanese Cuisine, and I have other views of quality, presentation, products, and more.
I’m very happy, and the course was all I expected it to be. I developed a vision of Japanese cuisine. When I return to work, I will have more ideas and details for decorations and appetizers. I’m going back with a vision I did not know before. It was a great course for me and I have great opportunities ahead. Thank you.

- Jefferson Ferriera Aracatuba, Sao Paolo, Brazil

SCI teaches you what you need to know more than anything else. You get a variety of lessons, but the fundamentals are stressed. Each lesson is put into a Japanese historical context so they are given deeper meaning. More than just taking food lessons-you are given a cultural context which makes everything more significant. I enjoy and appreciate everything I learned.

- Chris O’Hearn, Warrensburg, MO