Voice of Students

I signed up for the class on a bit of a whim. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect, as I’ve never cooked professionally, but in 8 weeks, I went from knowing virtually nothing about seafood to knowing more about it than anyone I know (outside of everyone at SCI, of course) I loved all the instructors, and I really felt like the entire class became a family.
While everyone’s goals and backgrounds were different, we were united by our passion for food and our desire to see each other succeed. I wouldn’t trade my 2 months at the institute for anything in the World.

- Christy McGee Gardena, CA

Japanese food has always had my interest. Though I enjoy eating it, I never thought to make it.
Here at the Sushi Chef Institute you can become a professional at making sushi with Chef Andy Matsuda. The experiences where once in a life time chances, and you get to share it all with your fellow classmates. The most memorable thing I enjoyed the most would have to be participating in sushi bar. My favorite lesson was on lobster. This class has taught me not only to be a better chef, but the traditions that we should protect and preserve. I learned that everything we do in class is a work of art, art in which is to be displayed for not only the customers, but for you as well. Thank you to everyone at the Sushi Chef Institute for helping me reach my goals and for passing on the knowledge to me.

- Cierra Pin Long Beach, CA

Time here at SCI is truly a unique and humbling experience. Sensei Andy is 100% on board with his students. In 2 months time, I am able to carry out a special set of skills and go out into the World with it. It is truly an honor.
If you want self-improvement, self-discovery, or because you love making food, it is all here and it is all worth it.
Thank you to all the senseis and Amie! You guys make this place immersive and enjoyable. Much love…

- Cindy Wan Alhambra, CA

I had a wonderful experience. The knowledge and skills I have acquired has surpassed my expectations. I really felt like I was in a class, a home, and a sushi school. I have learned so much in 2 months. To be taught traditional Japanese sushi by Chef Andy Matsuda is a proper foundation for any sushi chef. Anyone who wants to learn, regardless of your level of experience can benefit. I have learned so much that words cannot express it.

- Orande Akah Johnson St. Vincent and the Grenadines

I had a great experience with SCI. First, I learned in-depth of the Japanese food and art culture. The class provided many varieties of Japanese cooking which helped chefs and restaurant owner to create more menus for the customers. Since my restaurant only provide sushi and rolls, but the class also gave me ideas to add don-buri, ramen and many more dishes to add to the menu. The knowledge that I learned in class can also use to retrain my employees to really follow the proper guideline and procedures to make the food taste best possible and, comply with health department regulations as well.
Many questions that I have in mind in regards how to improve the best customer service, chef needs and food preparations were answered in class. There are live events, sushi bar and catering experiences which can be experienced during class, moreover, staging, room decoration and cleaning up processes are also offered as well. There are demonstrations of how to clean up during class, after class which is as important as how to cook and present the food for customers.
The class create the atmosphere where we get to work individually and in groups which promotes the sense of working as a team and how to complete task in the timely manner and successfully together. The best part is that I made more friends who have the same interests that we always there to help each other out. Thank you SCI teachers and team members for everything 😉

- Jirasupa Nue Disyaboot Los Angeles, CA

It’s been my dream to be a Chef in Japanese cuisine. During the 2 months I have spent here, I have learned about Japanese chef culture and technique. The senseis are very dedicated and they want me to be good and do well. After 2 months, my knife skills have greatly improved, and I have learned so much. I am ready to work now. Thank you senseis, especially Andy.

- Peter Kong Arcadia, CA

I took this class to obtain cooking skills. I found fish cutting and preparation very valuable. Sushi is very simple but deep. I am looking forward to making nigiri at home for my family. I will miss my buddies, and enjoyed working together with them. I hope the very best for everyone.

- Tamio Matsunaga Redondo Beach, CA

I’ve been waiting for about 6 years to have an opportunity like the one that I just had. Advancing your skills in the Japanese culinary world is very difficult. Andy san provided me with the necessary skills to bring my restaurant to the next level. I’m no longer intimidated by any kind of fish or culinary challenge in my life. With the knife and fish knowledge you walk out of this class with-you can work anywhere in the world. I will be forever grateful.

- Pedro Velarde, Saketori-Ya Tijuana, Mexico

I took this class to discover the mysteries and art of cutting and handling fish. I found the safe handling of fish to be the most valuable lesson. I enjoyed making tempura, the tea ceremony, shucking oysters, cutting belt fish, opening uni, and the trip to the fish market. I’m excited to share all the different foods I can make with my family. I’m looking forward to making anything anyone wants at home, and I am so proud to be able to prepare almost anything that comes from the ocean. Thank you for sharing yourself with me!

- Cindy Lee Huntington Beach, CA

The reason why I decided to learn Japanese cuisine was because I loved Japanese food. I was especially interested in learning how to make sushi. I began to search for a good instructor, and found out that Andy Matsuda at Sushi Chef Institute (SCI) is a master of sushi and traditional Japanese dishes. I made up my mind to learn from him to become a sushi chef. However, when I first started, I was not sure how a two-month training course could turn me into a sushi chef.

The two-month course turned out to be very intensive and packed with training equivalent to several years’ worth, and I stayed focused throughout the course. Andy sensei was very attentive, and commented on every aspect of the sushi skills from knife handling to hand technique for each student. I was moved by his endless passion and devotion to the class. In a sushi class, I was hugely impressed by how he could thoroughly fillet a whole fish, leaving only flesh-less bones behind. I saw how a good sushi chef could use his skills to save costs of fish, and I learned how fish slices showed different patterns depending on the direction and angle they were cut. Through the well-organized two-month course, I developed a keep eye for sushi and acquired skills to make it consistently and beautifully. I am deeply indebted to Andy sensei for all the amazing personal growth and development I could achieve in a relatively short time. Particularly, sushi bar setup in SCI was a valuable experience where we invited actual customers for dining experience. It taught us how a sushi chef could earn a customer’s trust with cooking.

I strongly recommend Andy sensei for future students who aspire to be a sushi chef. At SCI, I found out that many graduates are successfully working as sushi chefs and restaurant owners all over the world. The initial doubt about becoming a sushi chef in two months has, of course, all disappeared. Immediately upon graduation from SCI, I got a job offer and now I am making preparations to launch on a long journey to become a sushi chef. If you dream of being a sushi chef, join his class at SCI. He will be the best instructor and the mentor to help you realize your dream. Many thanks to the entire SCI staff!

- Sueng Lee, Korea – Pro 2 Course –