Voice of Students

For those considering attending SCI, it is a demanding school and the best Japanese Culinary education in the US to study and practice. Keep and rewrite all your notes. Make everything Sensei teaches a part of you and watch it grow. Learn to taste, see, smell, and blend all ingredients. The secrets are in the basics. Learn to replicate classic dishes flawlessly and use those elements and basics to grow the cuisine forward. I am happy to have a lifetime to learn! Last, for chefs, get all the experience you can. You are the future of food. Please don’t cheat the future generations out of what you love and appreciate today. Seek natural ingredients as much as you can. Learn to eat healthy and teach others to do the same. Encourage your customers to try something new every time! Be educated on the healthy aspects of all of your ingredients and know how to relay those to your customers. Someday a young chef will look up to you, your experience, and your knowledge. Be humble and listen to what your senior chefs teach you. Do what they say and do not question them. If you have question ask Matsuda Sensei, but it is always best do what your head chef wants and learn his standards. Each Head Chef is different and will have different things to teach you

- B.S.