Sushi Workshop

Have a great experience!!!

Workshop Next Schedule Price
One Day Sushi Workshop Scheduled on a monthly basis US$60

One Day Sushi Workshop (Available to plan)

One Day Sushi Workshop will be scheduled on weekday afternoons and you will have a much fun and a great experience!!!
You are going to try making many kinds of sushi like the picture shown on the right. It will be more than enough of your dinner!


    • One Day Sushi Workshop
    • Lecture: History of sushi
    • Lecture: Sushi rice
    • Hands-on: Basic Rolls
    • (eg. Kappa, California etc…)
    • Hands-on: Special Rolls
    • (eg. Spicy tuna, Crunchy Tempura etc…)
    • Hands-on: Nigiri
    • Hands-on: Other kinds of sushi
    • Hands-on: Cutting roll and decoration
    • Demonstration: Chef Andy’s fruit cutting
    • Tasting time!!!
    • Please Contact Us for more details.